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From the Ground Up..

How do these things usually start off? Shall I bang out a list of my attributes and accomplishments? Shall I remain elusive and mysterious?’s hard for a shy girl to open up to complete strangers, but it’s becoming increasingly harder not to share my love and my passion with the world. It’s becoming increasingly harder to sit in a cubicle drafting reports and correspondences about things that I could honestly not care less about! Sure, I make a great living..but am I living great? In a world where so many people are bumping around trying to figure out their life’s purpose, why am I not carrying out mine? I’ve known what I was born to do since before I knew that it was a career choice. I was that 8 year old girl whose mother thought she was wacky because every week my bedroom furniture was rearranged, and I cared more about dressing my bed than I did about dressing my dolls. I was born to create beautiful spaces that are both cozy and grand! So how did I end up in a cubicle? Long story short, here goes.. Continue reading “From the Ground Up..”

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Home Office Chic

Okay so if you’ve been paying attention, you know that gold is totally having a moment right now! Whether it’s a brassy vintage finish or a modern metallic pop, the regal hue is definitely making its way to the top of everyone’s wish list when it comes to chic home office decor. Gold is an easy choice because it’s so versatile that you can play it up or down! Here’s the beginning of my home office mood board-I’m thinking dramatic black, white and gold..with maybe a hint of pink here and there. I want to create a space that’s rich and warm, but still funky and girly! With so much house to decorate, it’s important to find reasonably priced pieces that I can add my own personal touches to with a little DIY love. I’m starting with the staples-writing desk, side table, chair and of course a rug to anchor it all. I’m not usually one for animal prints, but I want to have one super spunky room in the house that’s a fun and inspiring space to create-so zebra print it is! Links below for purchase details..

..xo Roxy

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